Mesh Banners


Mesh Banners are made of a loose-weaved mesh pattern that allows wind to blow through while still providing a vivid print. Mesh banners are also referred to as speaker mesh because they are placed over speakers at concerts. Their perforated material allows them to cover speakers without disrupting any sound. Mesh banners are very wind resistant and are made to withstand the weather without tearing. They also work great for the sides of large buildings and don't block visibility out of windows.


  • Speaker Wraps, Speaker Graphics - Use at concerts, events and celebrations – the mesh material won't affect or block out the quality of sound.

  • Large Building Wraps, Large Building Banners, Building Graphics, Exterior Wrap

  • Stadium Wraps, Stadium Graphics, Stadium Banners. They don't completely block visibility and allow space for advertisement or to promote events, games, athletes and more.

  • Scaffolding Banners, Scaffolding Wraps – Provide advertisements about what's happening and cover up some of the construction.

  • Exterior Building Murals, Large Murals

  • Fence Wraps, Fence Graphics, Fence Banners

  • Protective Barrier Graphics

  • Trade Shows for Excellent portability


Available Materials*

Open Weave

open weave mesh

35% Airflow Mesh

35 mesh

15% Airflow Mesh

15 mesh

*Not all materials avaialable for all applications, click on images for material details.