Pole Banners


Put your message in the spotlight using street light banners and street pole banners! Street light and pole banners are a great, cost-effective form of outdoor advertising that gets people's attention and helps promote your business, campus, community, or service. Cities, towns and campuses love them and often use them to promote festivals, events, holidays and seasons. This helps show a sense of community and provides residents and guests with a warm, welcoming feeling. Pole banners provide a memorable impression and give a sense of uniformity and branding to visitors and community members. GH Street Pole Banners are constructed of a heavy-duty black-out vinyl which has durability and longevity outdoors. 

The typical street pole banner is 72"h x 30"w


Street pole banners are used around many cities, campuses, retail environments, and sporting venues. Sporting venues and retail stores use these pole banners in parking areas and around their property to inform, direct, welcome, and communicate to valued customers. Campuses use them to build school pride and spirit with custom pole banners with their logo, slogan or theme.

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Available Materials

18oz Blockout